Top Programming Language.

In order to stay strong in the technological game, you need to learn the latest technologies in Web Development or Programming. There are a lot of programming languages that are accessible for those programmers who want to add another programming language on their resume. But before you learn a new programming language, make sure you know what their uses are. Each programing language is different, and each one of them is unique in its own way.

Top Programming Language. In order to help you choose the next programing language you should learn, we bring you the 5 best programming languages of 2019.

Here Are The 5 Best Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2019

  1. Python

Python has showed gradual growth in the programming universe, and it is not slowing down. Mostly used in applications, desktop applications, media tools, network servers, and more, this one is a must to learn in 2019.

Pros Of Python:

  1. It supports multiple platforms
  2. It supports multiple systems
  3. It is Object Oriented Programming driven
  4. Allows you to scale the most complex applications

Python is best for back-end services and API’s if you are in security. Python-based web development frameworks such as Pyramid, Django, and Turbo Gear are also used a lot in web development.

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  1. JavaScript

The most popular language in the world! Over half of the developers on our planet know how to use JavaScript. This one plays a huge role in front-end and back-end development.

According to a survey that was done by Stack Overflow in 2018, JavaScript is expanding into areas such as Internet of Things and Game Development.

This type of programming language allows you to build interactive websites and it is an essential language that is used along with HTML and CSS.

This one is really important to learn if you want to get into web-development.

  1. Kotlin

According to a survey that was conducted by Stack Overflow in 2018, Kotlin is the 2nd most loved and wanted programming language.

Kotlin was developed by Jet Brains and is made in a way that it can be operable with Java. Anywhere you can use Java, you can use Kotlin too and it comes with no limitations.

Many Website Development Companies in Alberta, prefer this language to be used when developing android apps, servers, applications, and many more.

  1. C++

Yep, you read that right. Even in 2019, C++ is still efficient and is really flexible. It was developed in 1985, and since it was created, it has been in high demand due to its reliability, number of contexts, and for its amazing performance.

Google Chrome, Microsoft Windows, and the official website of Amazon is written in C++.

  1. Java

Java is the most programming language up to date, and we are pretty sure you’ve heard it before. This programming language was created by James Gosling in 1996 with the Sun Microsystems.

Pros of Java:

  1. It is an Object-Oriented Language
  2. Powerful Open Source
  3. It offers a number of API’s for different activities
  4. A huge source of open libraries

Java is mostly used in developing Android applications, web applications, and Big Data.

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