Web Designing Alberta

Good website design will help you increase your sales and website viewers. But designing a website is not easy, you have to make sure that the design of your website is understandable and people who are visiting your website will have an easy time navigating through your website. Your topmost priority should be making your design accessible for everyone and in order to achieve that, we bring you 5 principles that you should follow during the designing phase of your website.

Web Designing Alberta

5 Principles You Should Follow When Designing a Website

1. Keep It Simple

The Website Design of your website should be simple and it should be centered on the main purpose of your website. Over designing a website is known to distract users of the main purpose of their visit instead of looking at what you offer. Users may end up playing with your website. Keeping it simple and business-centered should be your main goal. A clean and fresh design may look “okay” but it will surely help your viewers navigate through your website with ease. For the best Website Design Calgary, you can contact us.

2. Keep Everything Consistent

The design of your website should be consistent. You should know how to use fonts, sizes, button styles, headings, sub-headings, tags and other major elements properly. The font color, size and type should complement each other, they should stick out and be bold so users who are visiting your website may know the real purpose of your website.

3. Make Everything Readable

One of the most common mistakes designers or Web Design Calgary owners make is by choosing a font and a font color that doesn’t complement each other. A bad combination can end up catastrophic for you. So when you’re in the designing phase of your website, you should keep your fonts simple.

4. Make It Mobile Friendly

Most of the users who are going to visit your website are going to be using smartphones or tablets so making it mobile-friendly or compatible is a must. If your website design is not compatible with other screen sizes, then you are going to lose a lot of potential customers and you are going to end up increasing your competitor’s sales.

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5. Fast Loading Speeds

A Web Designing Alberta that loads fast is loved by Google and users who are in a rush. When you’re designing a website, you should know that the more features and designs you put on, the harder it’s going to be for the website to load. So keeping it simple will help. You should also use images that are sized down, low-quality videos and codes that help a website load faster.