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CAD Drafting Services

T&G Web Solution deals in high-end quality work when it comes to AutoCAD services. Our services extend to 2D drafting, 3D modeling of the virtual structure, Animation, Virtual Rendering and Graphic Sketchup. Our mission is to deliver the top-notch quality possible for our client. Our client’s requirement is our top priority and we will try to do everything we can in order to bring you great satisfaction in 3D and 2D designs and graphics remodeling.

We have highly skilled staff, that you can rely on – while you lay your worries to rest as all your queries will be well taken care of. Ranging from wide range of expertise, our honed staff has the ability to deliver you great deal of quality irrespective of the complexity of the project. The best part is, our services are cost effective, so that more and more client reach out to us and share the details of their project with us.

Our AutoCAD services comprises of world class of computer applications and softwares, for the greater satisfaction. Whether it is the house to home, or a workplace to a professional den, we are here to design everything you want from us. Our engineers and architects are highly skilled in all sorts of services when it comes to virtual drafting.

Are You Looking For AUTOCAD Services ?
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We deal in all the technical fields related to Drafting conversions. Whether it is the Civil Engineering or Architectural, we hold great expertise in providing services in this sector. Structural, Mechanical and electrical fields are also welcomed. Feel free to reach out to us and we will try our best to deliver you best work possible.
As-built layouts for plumbing and electrical arrangement – all sorts of drawing related to sector are accomplished by our honed team. Drawing from red-lines for plumbing, electrical and mechanical sections are also carried out by our department.
Well efficient and friendly tools used in the projects, are taken into the consideration of parameters and standards that meet the international level. Whether it is the 2D or the 3D design, you are most welcome to share details of your project for highest level of satisfaction in dealing. Our precision in design and accuracy in timely delivery are our best forte.
Revit drafting
Any kind of conversion such Revit to Block conversion or vice versa are carried out by our skilled department. Revit Library Family creation from AutoCAD to Revit is done successfully.


Why Choose us?

The key to successful outsourced CAD services is flexibility the flexibility to tailor services to ‘fit’ your existing business processes, while consistently producing high quality drawings at sensible, transparent cost. You only pay for what you use, so there is no waste. And your original markup is returned to you in its original format, or as an electronic copy for checking purposes or both.
Our CAD operators aren’t just highly skilled in CAD, they also have an in-depth knowledge of building services so they provide practical, workable solutions. Our team consists of architectural draftsman, electrical draftsman, mechanical draftsman, architectural assistants etc… Drawings are produced whether to our own existing standards or to the standards you specify and are delivered within per-agreed time-scales to suit even the fastest of fast- track projects.
Plus, via the Internet, you have 24-hour access and redlining facilities available whenever you need them.


Latest Technologies

At T&G we work with latest technologies, operate under stable and secure IT environment, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Conversion of designs or mark-ups to electronic CAD drawings
Building services co-ordination
‘As installed’ and record drawings
Site surveys to Ala standard for the creation or checking of building parameters
3D Drawings and visualization
24-hour digital printing and multi-site distribution of your drawing issues
Secure data center file storage with web based file viewing and redlining
A comprehensive scanning and plotting service
Encapsulation and framing of drawings for maintenance or O&M requirements


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