website development in Calgary

During the last years, the number of new web application development vendors have mushroomed like anything. With the free open-source shopping cart solutions available any merchant can start an online business without spending much on the eCommerce website. Nowadays it’s only a matter of time and a new web application is developed in a moment; this is what is done by a web developer in Calgary. After the eCommerce website is online, the portal just needs online visitors, while most real stores are more or less visible for real people, a website would need to be scrolled and searched online. Google will also help to send online traffic if your eCommerce website is valuable enough for Google Search or if invest in pay per click using Google AdWords. You will have sufficient sales in case there is high online traffic and visitors on the portal. We are known for website development in Calgary. If you have to get a top-notch eCommerce portal ready you can reach us as we provide custom web development company in Calgary.

It will be good to work on the following factors to ensure the website has proper online visitors and generates requisite profitability:
Content is King

website development in Calgary

There are so many web shops on the Internet showing products which don’t have more information than a name and a price or maybe a photo. To ensure optimal web traffic try and put across requisite content to entice the customer to buy from that portal only and not get redirected to a nearby store.

Be specific while writing unique descriptions for all your products, tell your customer the unique selling points. Have a balanced approach rather than being extremely wordy or jotting down only a few words. There is the same rule for the product photos as well, be judicious in depicting information.

Don’t forget people have to buy a product without the possibility to touch it, show them the proper description of the product or item being sold online. If you sell products which people use actively, show them action photos as well. Use different sizes of pictures, offer maybe a zoom function as well for the benefit of visitor and optimize the shopping cart template if needed.

Categorize product for an optimal browsing

Categorize your product assortment judiciously. Many eCommerce websites offer product categories but if you select one, you may miss viewing entire information as the website owner may forget to connect all the products with the right category. Just imagine that your store has only one big table with all your products on it. You need to offer a proper structure which will help people find the product they are looking for.

Create enough categories, but use a smart structure; don’t make a category too small or too big. Have a balanced approach also use sub-categories if you have a lot of products. Don’t forget to tell your customer what they can find in each category, offer a description and also a related image.

Even the best category structure is sometimes not sufficient, people need a search function too. Think about which search terms people might use for each product, use these terms in the product description and if your eCommerce website offers extra search keywords, use them as well to ensure the description is properly explained.

Some customers need more information

There are different types of customers, you need to offer information and shopping option for all of them. Some customer may be happy with a simple product photo and the best price and some others may wish to know to learn about other buyers’ experience as well, do incorporate the same.

Product reviews are a great asset while selling online. After a product is delivered to the customer there is only a slight chance that he will come back to share a review, so another key factor to be considered is offering attractive discounts and offers to entice customers to share reviews. Try to put a card or leaflet into the package with information about the review discount or send an e-mail message with the request for a review a few days after the product is delivered.