website design in Calgary

During the last few years there has been an increase in the number of websites being developed and this increase has been at a fast pace. With the free open-source shopping cart solutions, a new start-up or a novice merchant is able to start an online business without spending a lot of effort or investing on the ecommerce website. After the ecommerce script is installed and the website is online, the website owner can start to populate the information about the products on the developed portal. Now-a-days it’s only a matter of time before a new web site is developed for browsing. We have a deep expertise in developing websites are known as best website design company in Calgary. After the ecommerce website is online, proprietors normally need visitors and customers. While most real stores are more or less visible for the people, a website is easily accessible to numerous online visitors browsing to buy products. The design is one of the key aspects that pull customers to the website. We also have a focus on developing websites with an attractive design and are famous as expert website Design Company in Calgary. Google will send you traffic if your ecommerce website is valuable enough for Google Search or if you invest on Google Ad Words. You will not have enough sales if there is insufficient traffic.

It will be good to have a look at important aspects to optimize the website performance.

Content is King

There are so many web shops on the Internet showing products which show insufficient information at times consisting just of a name and a price (and maybe a photo). People on the other hand want more important information to decide on buying the way they have a buying experience in a nearby store. No wonder website design and information population on the portal are really important. We realize this and do the needful being a prominent company focusing on website design in Calgary.

Following are website optimization tips to be followed:

Write unique descriptions for all your products; tell your customer the unique selling points. Avoid writing numerous details or to share only minute details. There is the same rule for the product and item related photos, ensure adding sufficient images of products.

website design in Calgary

Don’t forget people have to buy a product without the possibility to touch it, hence the photos that need to be uploaded should depict proper details. If you sell products which people are using in large number do share those images as well. Use different sizes of pictures; populate detailed images and maybe a zoom function. Optimize your shopping cart template if needed.

Categorizing for optimized product search

Categorize your product assortment. Many ecommerce websites categories product offering but fail to connect products with the right category affecting the outlook of the website. Just imagine that your store has all products being displayed from one location enabling your customers to explore each product to finalize a product for purchase. The same is for websites; you need to have a design and information populated in a manner so as to enable people to find the product of choice through the information shared.

Create enough categories, but use a smart structure without giving excessive information or too little information. It will be good to populate about 10 to 50 products for each category on the website designed properly. Try using sub-categories as well to display multiple products. Don’t forget to populate details that will enable customer to explore each category, offer a description and also a related image.

Even the best category structure is sometimes not sufficient with a need of a search function too. It will be good to use proper keywords for products so that search results can be useful. Think about which search terms people might use for each product, use these terms in the product description so that people find it easy to search the product of liking.
Some customer needs more information. There are different customer types, you need to offer information and other features accordingly. Some customers may be only interested in the product image and the price details. Just populate the information on website accordingly.

Product reviews are a great tool for promoting sales, hence it will good to get reviews from customers showing their liking and satisfaction. After a product is delivered to your customer there is less chance of getting a review, hence try to get it while the purchase is being made. You can also offer a small discount to motivate the customer to share valuable reviews and inputs that will be of help in online selling of products. Sending a follow up email is also a great way to get a review from the customer that will go a long way in creating a useful online marketing proposition.