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IT Support

Single Click Free Support!

If your computer issue can be fixed in one or two click we wilt do it for free.

Technical support experts

And speak to our technical support experts. We shall diagnose your issue for free and provide you with a reasonable price quote which is further backed by money backed guarantee!


Business Segment

T&G Web Solution has everything you need, to not only generate great revenues, but also for the IT support. We being pioneer for a great period of time have helped countless businesses for the IT support and have taken their sale margin and sale traffic to new heights of success. Our success story can be heard from the client who get benefited through our IT support, and now are generating huge revenues. When a customer or user reaches out to you for the product or service, they not only look for the particular service or the product but also for the after-sale support. That’s exactly where our role comes in the picture, where we take care of your clientele and help them by giving the right solution for their queries and question related to the service or product they consume.

Are You Looking For IT Support Serivces ?
T&G Websolutions Provides Every Solutions which Helps you to Grow your Online Business.
If you are the manufacturer and looking for a good outsourcing portal that has the tendency to take care of your clientele remotely – you have reached out to the right people. Our sale tactics and modern technology and technological advancement will take care of it, and help you generating good lead in the market. Our team is not only capable of troubleshooting the problem but also good enough to deliver the right solution to your clientele.
There are lot queries that may arise after the sale. Let’s say for an instance – a user buys software or a product from you. Buying is not enough. They may face queries regarding the service, or they may want to know more about how to use it, or they may want to be familiar about the expiration and warranty of the service or product. Our expert team will take care of your customer by providing them the right solution for their query.
Based on your convenience and requirement, we are not only capable of handling your clientele, but also thanks to our highly honed team, can manage the network. Our department’s skills are sharpened enough to support any kind of remote outsourcing deal. Worry no more as your business is in the capable hands, as we are well enough to help your network streamlined on a consistent basis.
Our best of the expertise in this sector and all the modern technology that we are backed with, we will keep you updated. Because we want your business to run more effectively and that too with greater efficiency – So, feel free to reach out to us for the best of the IT Support.


Home Segment

T&G group has a niche when it comes to providing quality Technical Support Services to its client. We have an efficient team of dedicated professionals to provide world class Technical Support under one roof for all the multi brand devices.
So be it an issue with your Desktop, Laptop, Router, Modem, Printer, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Digital Camera’s, TV’s etc. of ANY brand, we have fix for them under one roof. So you just need to sit back and relax and watch our multi band Experts fix issues in a professional and timely manner.
We are a Canada based IT company with dedicated Technical Support solutions for the Home Segment and Business Segment Separately.
So now you don’t have to fall prey to bogus technical support companies who charge you exorbitant amounts of money for simple issues. We have standard plans at a very nominal and affordable price further backed by unconditional money back guarantee!”



Set-up and maintain servers, PCs, printers, Iaptops and Other Network devices
Wi-Fi and access point connectivity
Disaster recovery and data back-ups
Network Security Services
Network and System Administration
Server Management Services
End User Support
IT Support Services



Virus and Spyware Removals, Internet issues Fix
Printer, Router, Digital Cameras, Mobile Devices Support
Data Backup
Operating System Tune Up
Security Deployment like Antivirus Pro- grams etc
Home Network Security & Credential Management
Support for TV and Casting Devices
Operating System Security and Patching
Operating System Password Recovery
Support with Professional Software like Quick Books etc


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