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Rishi Nagar

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Rishi Nagar

Mr. Rishi Nagar who is a famous Punjabi Broadcaster, is our happy customer. For creating more awareness about him and his work, we have built a fully responsive website, that helps the audience to get more detailed info about him.

We have creatively designed a website based on CMS, so that he gets a complete access to all the content and media used in the website. The website is fully responsive and can be easily accessed to get all the news-updates, Interviews and Information.

The viewers can see Mr. Rishi Nagar’s the recent Interviews, Talks and Meeting with famous personalities, through the website.

Website Design/ Logo Design- Being aware of Mr. Rishi’s impactful personality, we focus on not just the graphic design, but on the website’s overall persona. So, we have creatively designed the website and logo in a way that attracts the users and describes all about him.

Organic Marketing -Organic Marketing is one of the most effective means to increase organic website traffic to rise website to the top of the search engine ranks. So, for Mr. Rishi Nagar we did the On-Page and Off-page optimization as, better SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization that will aid you to reach out online audience. The more is the traffic engagement; more better will be your perform in search query.

As we know, social media plays an important role, in motivating people now days. It is not just a matter of choosing either paid or organic marketing, as both need to be used strategically in order to reach your audiences and then maintain the relationship.

While paid efforts help to spread awareness of your brand, organic efforts, further connects you with audience which can your reap long-term benefits.

Project url: www.rishinagar.ca

Category: Website Design

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