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We, at T&G web Solutions, provide the most dynamic mobile app development services in whole of Calgary, Canada. Our mobile application developers (both Android & iOS), having more than 10 years of experience, rank among the top Calgary app developers. We have worked on countless Mobile app projects till date. Our approach is performance-centric and we never compromise on quality of services.

What is a Mobile Application?

A mobile application is a type of application software designed with an intention to be run on a mobile device, mainly smartphone or a tablet. Mobile apps typically provide users with similar applications as those accessed on PCs. Mobile apps are small, individual units with limited function.

Why Are Mobile Apps So Important These Days?

Times have changed lately. Not long ago, mobile applications were associated with only large businesses and corporations. However, that part of the story is history now. Today, almost all the companies regardless of their size, make good use of mobile apps to boost their ROI. The business world has changed from handing out flyers, producing ads, hanging billboards, and having your technical staff respond to each and every client inquiry. The entire world has gone mobile; so should you!

Our Only Aim Is To Help Your Business Prosper Anyhow.

If you too are a business owner and want to get a customised app developed, choose T&G Web solutions, a highly-ranked and sought-after Mobile App Development company in Calgary. We guarantee a simple, user-friendly, and responsive mobile app that will make User experience as smooth as possible. We will work closely with your mobile app development team, and content creators from start to finish, ensuring a good feedback from you.

We promise you a business-friendly and user-friendly design. Our team members do understand what it takes a small business to multiply in size. Henceforth, a responsive mobile app and branding would give a visitor an easy visit. Through our app design, we will try to assist your potential buyers every step of the way, and in every possible way

Our Latest Projects

Let's have a look at some of our recent Mobile Application Development projects:

Benefits Of Mobile App Development

Our clients get to enjoy numerous benefits by availing our app development service.
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Targeted push notifications are the way drive user retention and reengagement. They help you deploy upselling and cross-selling tactics, stop cart abandonment, and notify customers when a product is replenished when combined with behavioural data. These tailored alerts efficiently reduce the customer path and boost conversions with timely and pertinent marketing.

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To make your website visually appealing, our staff selects the most appealing themes, colours, graphics, and font sizes. We appropriately devote all of our attention to the app's visual design for our clients. Our staff creates the layout while considering the graphics you have in mind for your app, ensuring that everything is in harmony.

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This factor is a pre-requisite for a good performing brand mobile app. If the visitors have to wait for multiple seconds or minutes before they finally see the results, they will most likely exit the app in no time. And this thing will hurt your business more than one can conjure up.

Deep Insights Into Our Top App Developing Strategies

Let’s take at some of our top strategies. That is how we do the magic:

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Learning about your audience is our first goal. We can respond appropriately by anticipating the target's most likely behaviors and reactions on your app. We modify the layout and turnaround time in this manner.

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Persuading a visitor to use your app is a big responsibility. We try to make this happen by adding potent and healthy content to your app so that customers develop an interest using your app.


A visitor’s decision to pick your brand must be strongly persuaded. We make an effort to do this by highlighting your accomplishments on the website. Indicators of trust function like third-party endorsements. They might be recommendations, glowing reviews, well-liked customers, etc.

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Visitor understanding of the goods they are going to purchase and pay for is improved by using high-quality images of your items, location, or workspace. We ensure that the goods on display match the backdrop theme.

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We list all the advantages your company guarantees to its clients. This thorough explanation of your goals and selling points is essential for making an impression on your customers.

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We understand how to correctly modify all the things in the proper quantities, whether it's your company logo, a catchphrase, or a product photo gallery. Our top objective is to adequately brand your business.

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose T&G Web Solutions For Mobile App Development Service:

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