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To make people aware about the best insurance  advisor in Calgary, we have designed a fully responsive website for Harpinder Sidhu. The website is based on CMS and gives a descriptive knowledge about the Life insurance, Accident and Disability Insurance, Super Visa and Visitor Insurance, and Travel Insurance.

Website Design/ Logo Design- While designing the insurance website, we focus on not just the graphic design, but on the website’s overall persona.  So, we have creatively designed the website and logo in a way that it informs the user and provides a descriptive knowledge about the insurance plans.

 Organic Marketing -Organic Marketing is one of the most effective means to increase organic website traffic to rise website to the top of the search engine ranks. For promoting Harpinder Sidhu we did On-Page and Off-page optimization as, better SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization that will aid you to reach out online audience. The more is the traffic engagement; more better will be your perform in search query.

As we know, for every brand and business, social media plays an important role. It is not just a matter of choosing either paid or organic marketing, as both need to be used strategically in order to reach your audiences and then maintain the relationship.

While paid efforts help to spread awareness of your brand, organic efforts, further connects you with audience which can your reap long-term benefits.

Paid Marketing

Direct Marketing: We use this strategy to generate leads and conversions for the business. In this strategy we use Pay per click, mobile marketing, shopping ads.

Branding: In this strategy the advertiser goal is to spread the awareness about brand or product. In this strategy we use Google Display ads, video marketing, mobile marketing.

Re-marketing: In this method we target advertising to those users who have already visited our website/app/You tube channel. We can create unique targeted ads to convert these users.

Paid Marketing Strategies

Pay Per Click Marketing: PPC marketing can be considered as the best strategy for generating targeted visitors to your site and convert those users into leads. A business owner can show ads to the users who are searching for a specific topic or product and need to pay only when the potential user click on the ad.  We can also use PPC strategy to display ads on Google display network and generate visitors from other sites.

We recommend business owners to use this strategy to target potential customers and generate leads for business growth. To get started you can use Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

Client: Harpreet Sandhu

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Category: Organic Marketing, Paid Marketing, Website Design

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