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3 Things To Remember When Making A Post On Instagram

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When it comes to making a post on Instagram, it is necessary to do things that would help you make it better, especially if you are planning to start a marketing campaign with the help of digital marketing agencies Calgary

If it’s your first time doing such a thing, you need to take note of some things so you can make the post better.

To help you out in making a post on Instagram that could benefit your marketing campaign, we have listed down some of the many things that you need to keep in mind when you’re trying to come up with a post. 


digital marketing

3 Things To Remember When Making A Post On Instagram 

Here are some things that you need to remember when you’re making a post on Instagram: 

Your Personal Information

The first thing that you need to add in the post that you’re about to make is some basic information about yourself, which includes your Instagram handle, Facebook link, contact details or even the address.

It’s not necessary to add all information in one post, but if possible, try to add basic details and keep them different every single time. This can allow you to spread information to your viewers. 

Don’t Use Bright Colors 

A lot of people use extremely bright colors when it comes to making posts for social media, but the problem is that they hurt the eyes so much. 

The problem with posts that use bright colors is that it can affect the bounce rate or the amount of reactions that the post itself will get. 

This is why it’s important to go with cool colors that would not hurt the eyes, especially if the post will be used for online ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many more. 

Focus On The Content

Having a post is not enough, you need to make sure that it has content that would educate your viewers too.

Having the right content in your post can help you out a lot in making sure that you’re spreading the right information about your business to those that would be seeing the post that you have set up. 


Most of the time after you hire digital marketing agencies Calgary, it is likely that they will be making posts for you, however, it is important to keep in mind that it is your job as the customer to make sure that you are getting things the right way.