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5 Things That You Are Doing Wrong with Your Web Design Calgary

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It goes without saying that the website is the foundation of every business. If you want to be successful in this COVID-19 era, you must have a well-designed website. A well-designed website may help you build your business since a good design makes a good impression on your potential clients and encourages them to take the necessary action. However, common site design blunders may rapidly undermine even the greatest efforts. 

To offer you an advantage, we’ve highlighted 5 typical website design blunders that have harmed countless organizations.

What Do We Mean By Web Design and Why Does It Matter So Much?

Web design is the iterative process of planning, conceiving, and providing information and overall company operations in an aesthetically pleasing style. Text content, photos, videos, color, typefaces, various elements and shapes such as buttons, forms, icons, the spacing between these elements, and the overall layout are all visual components of web design.

Website speed, navigation, animation, user experience, user interaction, overall site tech architecture, SEO, cross-browser, cross-platform, cross-device design consistency, and responsiveness are all examples of design functionality.

Now that we’ve discussed web design and why it’s so essential, let’s look at the most prevalent web design blunders that designers and developers must avoid in 2023.


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If your site is taking too slow to load, you might reconsider key design features. The faster your website loads, the better the experience your visitors will have. There are several tips available for speeding up your website, so we’ll focus on the fundamentals to get you started.

First and foremost, you should think about optimizing the photos on your website, particularly the front page. Nothing turns off visitors faster than a landing page with photos and graphics that take too long to load, so reduce the size of your images and optimize your content whenever feasible.

Large plugins, themes, and modules might also slow down your website’s loading speeds. Updating these parts to newer versions will assist to accelerate things, especially if you haven’t done so in a long time.

Remember to properly test before updating your live website, just in case there are changes to how the plugins interact with your site. That way, you can ensure that nothing has broken as a result of the modifications, and you may execute the changes after thoroughly testing everything.


You are losing a lot of traffic if you do not have a mobile-friendly website that is responsive and adapts nicely to a smaller screen. This is because mobile device consumers will abandon your page if they are unable to access or understand its material effectively.

That indicates that more than half of your visitors expect you to provide an excellent experience on their mobile devices, therefore you should make certain that you can satisfy their expectations if you want to keep this large percentage of customers engaged.


Users need a functional website if they want to accomplish a specific goal, such as signing up for your newsletter or buying your product.

If you haven’t considered this, chances are the path through your website hasn’t been properly plotted out and constructed for your users. This frequently results in consumers becoming trapped in a loop where they can’t make sense of your information, which means they won’t return.

If you are witnessing a drop in user numbers or poor user retention, you should examine how your design and layout aspects are currently constructed. If your menu layouts are unclear and annoying, you risk confounding and aggravating your visitors.

People have more options than ever before, so if your website does not provide them with all they want, they will almost likely seek elsewhere.


This point builds on the previous one and goes much farther. If you are receiving a lot of traffic but not reaching your goals, such as purchasing a product or signing up for a free trial, you may not be routing your consumers appropriately.

The easiest and most efficient method to accomplish this is to establish and make explicit your Call to Action. This is the major reason why your users came to your website in the first place.

Make certain that you are completely clear about what you want them to perform and that they are capable of carrying out the responsibilities that you have assigned to them.

This method is also known as conversion marketing in marketing since it converts a visitor into a customer or follower. You should also consider using conversion rate optimization to boost your client and user on boarding procedures.

Your overarching plan will establish what action a new user is expected to take. Do you want them to join up and buy your stuff, or do you want them to become regular readers who interact with your material and contact with you? Whatever you select, be certain that your design follows through and allows you to carry it out.


If you’ve ever visited a website with obsolete content or a neglected news section, you know how a user perceives an outdated website. People are less inclined to interact with a site that cannot give them what they want to know, therefore they will look elsewhere for information and news.

This also happens with blogs. A blog may begin with frequent updates that gradually fade away over time until ceasing entirely. If your blog is not updated, your viewers are significantly less inclined to begin with your older content.

People want fresh and updated material that is delivered on time, so make sure that you stay on top of this with your website so that you can attract new visitors and then keep them coming back with new content on a regular basis.


Bottom Line:

Many website owners have not mastered these fundamentals, which means they are possibly losing new clients and followers, which might have a major impact on their business. If any of these concerns seem similar, make some modifications as quickly as possible. If you need help, seek help from top-notch designers who understand Web design Calgary deeply like those at T&G Web Solutions, Calgary.