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6 Best Free Widgets and Tools That You Should Add to Your Website

There are thousands of free widgets and things that you can add to your website. Good applications and widgets can increase the functionality of a website. Adding widgets to your website can help you make your viewer’s stay easier and smoother. Installing web apps on your website is beneficial too. Just like free widgets, apps can help users too.

Here Are 6 Free Widgets and Apps That You Should Add to Your Website

1. Google Analytics

If you have a website, the first thing you should try and add is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a type of tool that allows you to monitor your website’s traffic, your search rankings, social engagement, source of traffic, and many more.

2. Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster is a type of tool that provides data and configuration for your site in Google. If you are doing SEO, the best tool that you should use and have with you all the time is Google Webmaster.

3. Email Form

When someone visits your website and gets convinced to buy something from your services or products but has questions to ask, the first thing they should see is an email contact form. An email contact form is usually found in the contact us page or your homepage. An email contact form allows your customers to give in their details and send it to you without having to open an email service provider.

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4. Share On Social Media Widget

If you want to increase the like counts and following counts on your page, the first thing you should do is add social media icons on your website. Thanks to widgets, there are dedicated widgets that allow users to share your website on a single click.

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5. Social Media Follow Buttons

Social media follow buttons allow you to make sure your fans or regular viewers follow you on Facebook LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Social media is one of the best ways to increase your sales and reach as it allows you to reach a targeted audience.

6. Call to Action Button

Thanks to widgets, you can actually add call to action buttons on your website. How do they work? Call to action buttons are huge buttons that appear on the top or bottom of a website. Usually, the buttons are Skype logo, WhatsApp logo, or a Phone logo. Once a user clicks it, they will be automatically switched to that app and they will get to contact you directly.

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