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Why Should Your Website Be Built on WordPress?

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A website should be fast and user-friendly, and all this can be possible if it is built on WordPress. As per recent data shared by experts, approximately 43 percent of all websites available over the internet are built on WordPress. 

Many globally famous websites are grabbing the benefits of WordPress. At T&G Web Solution, we deliver a website built on WordPress to our customers. If you are looking to get a website then find the best web design Calgary. We are always available to provide reliable services in web design and web development. In this article, we will explore all the required terms that will help you understand why a website should be built on WordPress.

Provides Security

WordPress was founded by Matt Mullenweg in May 2003 with the motive of providing security, easy customization, and other benefits to website engineers. A team of WordPress developers always updates scripts and code to ensure the security of WordPress websites. 

They have a dedicated security team working 24/7 to keep improving platform security and fixing any related bugs. Having a custom-built website with the help of WordPress will end all your worries related to security issues. 

Provides Open-source Options

WordPress has trended among developers since its inception, just because it is open-source software. It allows engineers to easily install, customize, and connect with any hosting to match their needs. 

Any kind of website can be created, such as a business, blog, or e-commerce site. As the source code is open to access, expert developers can easily create tools and extensions to make their websites better as compared to others. It is completely free to work; you just need to pay for a domain and hosting package. 

Easy Website Development in Minutes

These days, customers demand their websites be live in just a few weeks, and to fulfill their requirements, developing a website on WordPress is the best option. Since the introduction of WordPress, many companies have developed themes and plugins for users as additional software for easy customization. Uncountable Plugins and Themes are now available on the platform, saving time and money on website development. 

Themes help you save time in designing and working on the website. On the other hand, plugins help to improve the overall SEO performance of the website. Some famous plugins like Jetpack, Rank Math, and Lightspeed Cache are favourites among every developer. 

Allow Working on Any Device

Today, most of the users accessing websites visit them through mobile browsers. So having a website that is built for mobile as well as for a laptop is necessary. WordPress made this possible by offering responsive themes that work on devices with different resolutions, adjusting seamlessly to different screen sizes. Having a responsive website ensures a consistent user experience across devices. 

Stay Connected With The Latest Innovations

As the technology is updating day by day, so is WordPress. The WordPress backend team keeps on updating the platform with the most recent updates, allowing easy working with any latest technology, such as AI. 

Continuous improvement allows core software, plugins, and themes to work more smoothly. This commitment to regular development ensures that your website will stay connected to emerging trends and technologies in web development. 

Integration with Third-Party Services

Having a website on WordPress will not create issues to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of third-party services and platforms. It allows comfortable merging with social media networks, email marketing services, CRM software, and more. 

This beneficial service lets you leverage the power of external tools and services to enhance the functionality and reach of your website.

Allows Multilingual Support

If you are thinking of getting a website with multilingual support, then it is possible with WordPress. This famous platform offers additional software like the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML) that facilitates translation management. By installing this kind of plug, you will not miss a global audience accessing your site in regional languages.


Millions of website engineers are praising the powers, scalability, adaptability, and friendliness of WordPress. Avail all the benefits of WordPress if you’re looking for web design in Calgary. By reading the above article, we hope you may have realized the importance of WordPress for having the website of your dreams.